Loan Checklist

Loan Checklist

The following items may be critical to your loan being completed in a timely manner. Please provide them if they apply to you.

Property Information 

  • Purchase Agreement.
  • MLS Listing Sheet
  • If you have sold your current home, copy of Settlement Statement (HUD-1).

Income & Assets

  • 30 Days of Paystubs
  • 2013 & 2014 Tax Returns
  • 2013 & 2014 W2s
  • Names/Addresses for each Employer in the past 2 Years.
  • 2 Months of Bank Statements (Must include all Pages of Statement, Transaction – – History/Account Summary is not Sufficient)
  • Explanation and Source of any Deposit greater than $500, if deposit was a gift include:
    • Signed Gift Letter (I can provide)
    • Copy of Cancelled Gift Check
    • Copy of Deposit Receipt
  • 2013 & 2014 Corporate Tax Returns (If you own more than 25% of a business)
  • Pension Award Letter (If Applicable)
  • Social Security Award Letter (If Applicable)
  • Copy Divorce Judgment & 12 Months of Cancelled Child Support Checks (If using Child Support as Income)


  • Explanation of Credit Report anomalies, including:
    • Late payments, credit inquiries in the last 120 days, charge-offs, collections, judgments and/or liens.
  • Bankruptcy Documents (If Filed within the last seven years)

VA Loans

  • DD Form 214, Report of Separation (If Applicable)


  • Residence Addresses for the past Two Years
  • Green Card (If not a US Citizen)