Industry News & Links of the Day – 1/28/11

(Wall Street Journal) Fannie-Freddie Report Likely to Be Late – The Obama administration is likely to miss a deadline for issuing a long-awaited report about the future of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and what might replace them.

(Portland Press Herald) “Normal” just Fine for Retail Real Estate – A recovering economy brought some stability to Maine’s largest retail market in 2010, but declining vacancy rates for stores, restaurants and other retail space in Greater Portland were driven by a few large deals that mask an ongoing struggle.

( Best Housing Markets Forecast in 2011 – The best housing markets forecast for 2011 encompass a large number of markets from the Mid-West and upper North-Eastern U.S.

(USA Today) Economy strengthened to 3.2% at end of year – The economy gained strength at the end of last year as Americans spent at the fastest pace in four years and U.S. companies sold more overseas. The growth is boosting hopes for a stronger 2011.

(Forbes) Housing Bottom Comes When People Swear Off Houses – Neither housing nor employment show any sign of recovery. Nearly four years after the collapse of Countrywide, the nation’s biggest subprime lender, housing is still going down.