Industry News & Links of the Day – 1/17/11

Forbes – Housing Hobbles Into 2011, Here’s Why It’s Not Getting BetterHome prices have now fallen farther from their peak than they did during the Great Depression. Since 2006, the average home price has fallen 26%.

USA Today – Holiday spending ‘record’ is good but … Holiday spending reached the highest level on record last year, but that news isn’t as good as it sounds.

American Bankers Association – BANK ECONOMISTS SEE SUSTAINED ECONOMIC EXPANSION The country’s economic health is steadily improving and on a path to sustained economic expansion in 2011, according to the Economic Advisory Committee of the American Bankers Association.

CNN Money – 1 million homes repossessed in 2010 Foreclosures were at a record high in 2010, and more than 1 million people lost their homes, even as notices started leveling off during the end year.

CNN Money – Vegas home prices: On the skid until 2032Move over, Cleveland. Make room, Detroit. Beat it, Buffalo. There are some competitors for the title of America’s most depressed real estate market.

Portland Press Herald – Tourism leads Maine out of the recessionPutting aside the hornet’s nest of what exactly is tourism — that’s a subject for another column — it is interesting to compare the last few years’ rates of growth of total taxable retail sales with the sales of meals and lodging establishments.